Mozambique has been plagued by an ongoing terrorist insurgency, particularly in its northern region. This has led to instability impacting the overall safety and economic stability of the country. High crime rates further compound these concerns, making caution a paramount consideration for prospective international investors.

Mozambique Citizenship Investment

Mozambique lacks a citizenship-by-investment or golden visa programme. Instead, investors seeking citizenship acquisition may find alternative options in the Caribbean more enticing. These initiatives actively encourage investment from individuals seeking citizenship rights. By making significant real estate or government fund investments, individuals can attain citizenship in destinations like Antigua and Barbuda, St Lucia, and Dominica. The benefits of Antiguan citizenship is that it gives applicants visa-free access to 161 countries through its passport. For investors contemplating a second citizenship, such programmes present an appealing opportunity worth investigating.

Mozambique’s Residency Investment

Mozambique currently lacks any residency options. Instead, investors could consider alternative programmes. Europe has several residency investment options often known as golden visas. They include Malta, Greece, Hungary, Portugal and the Spanish Golden Visa programme. This programme offers Spanish residency in exchange for a real estate investment.

Mozambique’s Passport Strength and Ranking

Mozambique’s passport is often considered weak due to its limited global access. With entry to only 72 countries, representing merely 9.4% of global wealth measured by GDP and 12.6% of worldwide travel, it falls significantly short. Consequently, it ranks 152nd on La Vida’s extensive Global Passport Ranking, highlighting the constraints on global mobility and economic prospects for potential citizens.


See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.