Moldova Citizenship by Investment

Moldova offers one of the lowest priced passport investment options in Europe through its Citizenship by Investment programme (MCBI). Launched on 5th November 2018 the east-European country now offers citizenship through donation and La vida is pleased to be able to offer this programme to our clients. Register here.

The Moldovan programme will generate extensive interest. Although not part of the EU Moldova is in Europe and offers an alternative to the Caribbean passport programmes with residency a potentially attractive option and a passport offering visa free access to 122 countries.

€135,000 Donation + Costs

Full family citizenship

Visa Free Travel to 122 countries

Citizenship & Passport

Flexible. No requirement to reside.

Moldova declared independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 but remains one of Europe’s poorest countries. It has very close ties with neighbouring Romania and the government of Moldova recently ruled out any reunification with Romania despite growing calls from within the country.

Moldova signed an association agreement with the EU back in 2014 creating a free trade area and the EU seems committed to strengthening its political and economic ties with the country. It is not clear at this stage what benefits a citizenship or residency programme from Moldova will offer although future strengthening ties with the European Union could enhance any such benefits.

Citizenship and Residency Programmes

La Vida offers a selection of residency and citizenship programmes throughout Europe and elsewhere. Below are some suggestions as an alternative to Moldova.