Jersey – High-Value Residency Programme

Residents of Jersey are taxed at 20% for the first £725,000 of worldwide income, with a 1% tax charge for any income above. The island does not have inheritance, wealth, corporate, or capital gains tax, making it a popular tax haven for the wealthy.

High net worth individuals can apply for Jersey’s High-Value Residency programme providing they receive a sustainable annual income of a minimum of £725,000 and can therefore contribute at least £145,000 in annual tax payments. Applicants must also own a property on the island, generally in excess of £1.75 million.

Whilst Jersey is not strictly part of the United Kingdom, it is a dependency of the British crown and part of the Common Travel Area agreement. As a Jersey resident, you will gain the right to unrestricted travel within the Common Travel Area (CTA), which includes the UK, Ireland, and The Isle of Man. After holding residency in Jersey for five years, applicants can apply for Permanent Residency and British Citizenship and a UK passport after a total of six years. For these reasons alone, Jersey’s programme is an excellent alternative to the UK’s Tier 1 programme.

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