Jamaica, a Caribbean gem, is an alluring destination for those contemplating a second residence. Its tropical climate, pristine beaches, and lush landscapes make it an idyllic setting for those seeking a laid-back lifestyle. The country’s vibrant culture, reggae music, and friendly locals create a unique and inviting atmosphere. Although the cost of living can vary, the availability of affordable real estate is appealing. However, potential residents should be prepared for infrastructure challenges, and some areas may face security concerns. Navigating residency regulations can also be complex, but the prospect of residing in this beautiful island paradise is a powerful draw for many.

Jamaica Golden Visa

The Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes, such as those in Antigua and St Kitts, have been extremely successful, offering citizenship for individuals who invest substantial amounts in their economies. As a result, questions surrounding Jamaica’s participation in a similar scheme are common.

However, Jamaica does not currently offer a golden visa or citizenship by investment programme similar to those offered by some other Caribbean countries. While many have been pushing for Jamaica to open such a CBI route, no such route exists as of now.

Residency in Jamaica

Jamaica does offer an Economic Residence Visa. This scheme requires applicants to invest at least $500,000 into the country via an approved project, allowing for residency for up to five years.

Jamaica Passport Strength and Ranking

Jamaica has a weaker passport compared to other Caribbean nations which already offer citizenship by investment programmes. It is also a fairly weak passport globally, offering visa-free access to 99 countries worldwide. This accounts for 21.2% of global wealth (GDP) and 28.1% of global travel. It ranks 107th in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking.


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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