Portugal Golden Visa Fund Option

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Residency Visa

An exclusive private equity investment fund, tailored for investors aiming at steady, enduring growth in their portfolios. Emphasizing cautious tactics, the fund provides a dependable option for those valuing stability and continuous financial advancement.

By primarily investing in companies with asset-backed securities, the fund strives to reduce risk. This strategy ensures that investments are chiefly supported by tangible financial instruments such as bonds, equities, and commodities, acting as a buffer against potential decreases in investment worth.


  • Fund Size Target: €50m;
  • Fund Term: 10 years (start Oct-23);
  • Investment Term: 6 years (start Dec-23);
  • Setup Fee: 2%;
  • Management: Fee: 2%;
  • Target annualised return of 6% – 8%;
  • Managed by a Private Equity company with a strong 10 year track record.

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