Portugal Golden Visa Fund Investment – Agriculture

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Residency Visa

Portugal’s new Golden Visa legislation requires applicants to invest a minimum of €500,000 into a qualifying fund. The following information is a summary of that provided by the regulated Fund Manager. Please contact us for a full brochure:

The fund’s objective is to invest in agricultural and agrobusiness projects based in Portugal but exposed to the global commodity markets. The fund aims to help develop new ventures related to forestry, agriculture and aggrotech. The fund answers agriculture’s fundamental challenges: produce more but in a more sustainable way.

Key Highlights:

  • Current Fund Size: €1 Million
  • Fund Size Target: €100 Million
  • Full investment for Golden Visa Requirement: €500,000
  • Setup Fee: 1.5%
  • Management Fee: 1.5%
  • Performance Fee: 20%
  • IRR: 20-25%

For more information on the Portuguese Golden Visa programme and to seek further information on the new fund options, please get in touch with La Vida’s expert advisors.

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