professional services

Our extensive network of international professional services partners spans multiple tax efficient jurisdictions and provides our clients with direct access to the most highly experience and knowledgeable practitioners in their prospective field. Combining our resources ensures that we provide each client with bespoke, cost effective and tax efficient residency, citizenship and international wealth management solutions that meet their personal objectives.

The following private client services are compatible with our global residency and citizenship programmes and when applied in a compliant manner, will cumulate to provide the highest level of tax efficiency available:

Wealth Management

Wealth Management Services for Individuals and Families

  • Residency and Citizenship
  • International Tax planning
  • International Banking
  • Investment Portfolio Accounts and Platforms
  • International Pensions & Retirement Planning
  • Education Fee Planning
  • Estate/Succession Planning
  • International Life & Medical Insurances
  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Investment Funds
  • Asset Protection

Corporate Services

Additional Corporate Services include:

  • International Corporate Structures
  • Cross-Border Structuring

Investment Management

Our multi award winning investment management partners specialise in providing impartial, client focused, low cost and tax efficient international investment and portfolio management services. Their investment professionals currently manage and administer assets in excess of £24 billion. Backed by rigorous research, their overriding aim is to ensure no unexpected surprises and investment returns cleared defined by each clients’ personal investment risk profile.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Advisory Portfolio Management
  • Stockbroking
  • Investment funds
  • Treasury services

Those who select our Private Client services will also benefit from direct access to a dedicated Wealth Manager who will personally look after you and your portfolio. Their advice, and your portfolio, will be focused on your life goals, the financial outcomes you want, and the time frame in which you want to achieve them. You will receive 24-hour online access to in-depth information including an overview of your portfolio, the assets held with it, investments statements and historical valuations.

Tax Efficient Solutions

Read more on our tax efficient residency solutions:

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Citizenship and Residency Programmes

A selection of citizenship and residency programmes in countries that can offer attractive tax structures for international clients.