Indonesia Golden Visa PROGRAM

In September 2023, Indonesia launched a new Golden Visa programme which grants foreign investors a temporary five-year or ten-year residency visa in return for an investment into either government bonds, a bank deposit or the purchase of shares in a public company.

Investment starts from $350,000 for a five-year visa, or from $700,000 for a ten-year visa. It is also possible to obtain Indonesia’s Golden Visa by establishing a company with at least $2.5 million of investment, for a five-year visa; or $5 million, for a ten-year visa.

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Indonesia Second Home Residency Visa 


Indonesia also launched a Second Home Residency visa in early 2023, similar to the offering of other Asian countries such as Malaysia and Thailand. This programme is aimed at wealthy foreigners looking to obtain a long-stay residency visa in Indonesia by depositing a minimum of 2 Billion Indonesian Rupiah, approx. $130,000 in a state-owned Indonesian bank.

Indonesia, particularly Bali, has become a very popular destination for ex-pats and digital nomads, attracting thousands of new temporary residents each year. It is important to note that neither route offers Indonesian citizenship. Both Indonesia’s Golden Visa programme and Second Home programme are temporary residency permits which cannot be made permanent or later converted into citizenship. Investors looking for a more permanent solution may want to consider one of several other RCBI programmes which can result in either permanent residency or full citizenship and a second passport. See some of the most popular options below.

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