The enchanting Nordic island nation of Iceland offers a unique opportunity for foreigners seeking a second residence but this is difficult to obtain. Its stunning natural beauty, with volcanoes, glaciers, and geothermal wonders, is a major draw. It is known for its high quality of life, low crime rate, and strong healthcare and education systems. However, it also comes with a high cost of living and a challenging climate, with long, dark winters. Iceland’s welcoming society and pristine environment make it an attractive destination for those willing to embrace its distinct lifestyle and have the means to do so.


Iceland Golden Visa

The golden visa or citizenship by investment programme is unfortunately not offered by Iceland as yet. These programmes make it possible for those investing into projects such as real estate or government funds to obtain citizenship in a given country. The programmes are popular due to the possibilities that open up for business and investment with attaining a stronger passport.

Iceland Residency and Citizenship

Iceland also offers no formal residence by investment programme. Iceland’s immigration policies primarily rely on various residency and work permit categories that are based on factors like employment, family reunification, study, and other established criteria. Obtaining permanent residency and, ultimately, Icelandic citizenship typically requires fulfilling residency requirements, such as living in the country for a specified number of years, demonstrating good conduct, and meeting other eligibility criteria.

Iceland Passport Strength and Ranking

The introduction of a Citizenship by Investment programme to Iceland would have great appeal due to the strength of Iceland’s passport. With visa-free access to 196 countries worldwide, Iceland has a very impressive passport. In turn, this offers its holders access to 81.1% of the world’s wealth (GDP) and 92.5% of worldwide travel. This passport thanks 24th in La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking.


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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