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Hungarian passport holders enjoy the privilege of visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry to 197 countries and territories across the globe, a remarkable coverage encompassing 86.8% of all destinations worldwide. This also represents 80.8% of the world’s wealth measured by GDP and constitutes 92.5% of worldwide travel popularity based on international visitors. Furthermore, Hungary’s passport commands an influential position, standing at the 22nd spot in the comprehensive Global Passport Ranking meticulously conducted by La Vida.

Our unique passport ranking methodology at La Vida goes beyond a simple tally of destinations. By incorporating criteria such as GDP and Travel Popularity, we evaluate the “quality” of these destinations.


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The significance of combining a second passport with your existing one is often overlooked when choosing an investor visa program. Your current passport already grants access to various visa-free travel destinations. When acquiring a second passport, it is essential to ensure that the additional benefits complement your existing travel privileges. Mere duplication of visa-free destinations provides no concrete advantage. La Vida’s Passport Investment Report goes beyond a simple count of destinations; it evaluates your unique combination, identifying the passport that best aligns with your travel profile and current passport. Whether GDP is crucial for your frequent business trips or Travel Popularity is significant for leisure and vacations, our report caters to your specific requirements. This invaluable service, accompanied by a thorough analysis, is exclusively provided by La Vida at no cost to our clients.

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The Hungarian Golden Visa programme, officially referred to as the “Guest Investor Residence Permit,” provides a long-term residency visa valid for ten years. Unlike other EU investor visa programmes, such as Portugal’s, this initiative doesn’t offer a direct route to citizenship. Nevertheless, Hungary’s naturalization laws do allow for citizenship applications if you have been a full-time resident in Hungary for a minimum of eight years and you successfully pass a language test.

For more in-depth information on Hungary’s Golden Visa Programme, or to receive your complimentary report, consult with one of our advisors.


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