Honduras, a Central American country with a rich blend of natural beauty and investment opportunities, offers a unique perspective for high-net-worth individuals seeking to invest and enjoy a distinctive lifestyle. Home to the second-largest coral reef system in the world, Honduras offers unique natural beauty. The country’s real estate market, particularly along the northern coast and on the Bay Islands, presents options for investing in luxury beachfront properties and resorts.

Honduras Golden Visa

Honduras has not adopted a citizenship by investment or golden visa residency programme. Such programmes are popular in the Caribbean and allow individuals to obtain citizenship or residency rights through substantial investment, typically in real estate, national development funds, or local businesses. They have become successful at bringing in inward migration investment in Caribbean countries like St Lucia and Antigua due to the strength of their passports and the visa-free travel they offer.

Honduras Residency

Rentista Visa

This programme allowed foreign nationals to gain residence by providing proof of a passive income stream of at least $2,500 from outside of Honduras. This must come from a source such as rental income or savings, rather than from employment.

Retirement Visa

Individuals who invest $50,000 into Honduran real estate or a Honduran business, as well as depositing $5,000 into the central bank can also apply for a visa. This process is somewhat complex, however, also requiring the person to obtain a Honduran business license which must be renewed every year, and that half of your investment is paid into the business.

Permanent residents in Honduras must spend the majority of the five years after obtaining residency to then apply for citizenship. This process is generally quicker for those who are already citizens of Central American nations.

Honduras Passport Strength and Ranking

By adopting a golden passport or equivalent scheme, Honduras could be a notable draw for investors due to its fairly strong passport. The Honduran passport offers visa-free access to 148 countries worldwide, including 70.2% of worldwide travel. Consequently, it offers access to 48.8% of the world’s wealth (GDP). It is similar in strength to the St Kitts passport and ranks 148th on La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking.


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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