Aside from the obvious advantages of holding a Grenadian passport which allows visa-free travel to 153 countries, there are a number of added benefits you could gain from applying for the Grenada Citizenship by Investment programme.


It may not be common knowledge that Grenada is home to St Georges University, a private university renowned for its medicine, nursing and veterinary medicine degrees. The university is affiliated with many other educational institutions, including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia, attracting students and faculty members from all over the world.  The best bit is that Grenadian Citizens receive a 90% Grenada Partnership Award which means they only need to pay 10% of tuition fees for the university’s undergraduate programmes. This is a significant saving. To qualify, citizens must have resided in Grenada for 1 year prior to registration. A gap year before university could well qualify the student.


Grenada is the only island in the Caribbean that will allow the main investor to include four generations under one application. Along with a spouse, dependent children and dependent parents, investors can also include dependent grandparents and any unmarried siblings. Inclusion of this many family members is rare, making this an extremely attractive choice for large families looking to get the best value for money.


As Grenada holds an E2 Visa treaty with the USA, Grenadian citizens can apply for an additional US residency visa by making a business investment in the US. There is no fixed amount set by the government, but it is recommended that applicants invest a minimum $120,000 upwards and become at least a 50% shareholder in the company. The process will take roughly 3 months and applicants will be issued with a 5 year US residency visa with unlimited renewals. This route is fast becoming more popular than the direct EB5 programme.


Grenada is one of the select few countries in the world that hold a visa waiver with China, giving Grenadian citizens a 30-day stay permit. This is a big attraction for business people who may need to access China.


Citizens of Grenada do not pay capital gains tax, wealth tax or inheritance tax. They also do not pay tax on their worldwide income, making it a very tax-efficient destination for those that may be considering residing there.

It is possible to obtain citizenship in Grenada through either a real estate investment or donation to the government. For more details on the programme and a free consultation with one of our experts, please get in touch.


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