Earlier this week the Government of Grenada announced their intentions to update their Citizenship by Investment Programme. As a way of making the programme even more attractive to investors, they will be introducing a number of improvements in the coming months to enable families to include up to five generations. It was already announced last year that main applicants and their spouse could soon include unmarried siblings. In addition to this, parents and grandparents can also be included without having to prove dependency, unless aged under 55 years old. It is also no longer necessary for dependent children to be enrolled in education as a way of proving dependency. Any new children born within 12 months of the application being approved may also apply for citizenship. This means that families of up to four, potentially five generations can all be included under one application, which makes it one of the most family accommodating citizenship investment programmes currently on the market.

Grenada CBI Family Configuration

The Minister for Trade, Industry, Cooperatives and CARICOM Affairs, Honourable Oliver Joseph, also announced that it will now be possible for investors to acquire citizenship through the purchase of approved real estate in the secondary market, i.e. Resale of citizenship by investment units. This is great news for current owners as well as perspective buyers as it widens their market when selling in the future. La Vida offer a number of approved real estate projects in Grenada which qualify for the Citizenship by Investment programme. Applicants will need to make a minimum investment of $350,000 into a government approved project, plus application and processing fees. Grenada also have a Citizenship by Donation option which can often work out more cost effective for single applicants and requires a donation of just $200,000 + costs.

Alongside the above benefits, this programme is also attractive for those who are looking to gain additional access to the USA through Grenada’s E2 Visa Treaty.  For a free consultation, please contact us.

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