Figures released for 2017 have shown the Greek Golden Visa as one of the most popular options in Europe.

Enterprise Greece, the government department tasked with promoting inward investment to the country, claim 2,305 Main Applicants were issued with a Greek Residency Visa through property investment in 2017.

Of that total China claimed the largest proportion with 1011, or 43.8%, of total golden visas issued. Russia weighed in with 395 and the remainder of the top 10 countries were not suprisingly geographically close by in the Middle East.

La Vida has seen significant interest in the Greek program, particularly with real estate investment in Athens. While it may be wise to treat any “official” figures from Greece with some caution, if correct the numbers are impressive. It puts Greece close to Portugal in terms of total golden visa investments in 2017 although the contribution to the economy is likely to be less with a lower qualifying investment of €250,000 compared to €500,000 for the Portuguese Golden Visa.

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