French Guiana, situated in South America, may be less attractive for high-net-worth investors seeking a second residence or citizenship. Despite its natural beauty, the region faces challenges such as economic underdevelopment, limited infrastructure, and social issues.

Investors may find more established and economically robust options with better infrastructure, legal frameworks, and lifestyle benefits elsewhere, making French Guiana less appealing for high-net-worth individuals considering such an investment.

French Guiana Citizenship Investment

French Guiana is an overseas department and not a country in its own right. Hence there is no direct French Guiana Citizenship by Investment programme. Such programmes enable individuals to acquire citizenship or residency rights in specific countries by making significant investments, typically in real estate, national development funds, or local businesses. These are available in various locations, including popular citizenship investment options in the Caribbean.

French Guiana Passport Strength and Ranking

France has one of the strongest passport rankings, placed 15th on La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking. Giving investors visa free access to 198 countries. These countries account for 80.8% of the Global wealth (GDP) and 92.5% of World travel. Malta or Spain’s Golden Visa programme offer investors residency and visa-free access to 198 visa free nations worldwide.

For a strong second passport through a direct citizenship investment, the Caribbean offers several possibilities such as St Lucia’s or St Kitts’ Citizenship by Investment programme.


See below a selection of countries offering residency and citizenship investment programmes.