France offers three main investor visa programmes tailored to attract talented and entrepreneurial individuals looking to reside in France. The main options are the Talent Passport Visa through Business Investment, Talent Passport Visa through Business Start-Up or Creation and the Financially Independent Person Visa. These types of programmes, often referred to as “Golden Visas” or “Investor Visas,” provide a pathway to permanent residency in France and, ultimately, the opportunity to acquire citizenship in some cases.

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France Talent Passport Visa

Business Creation and Start-up Programme

France’s Talent Passport Visa has several categories that qualify applicants for a long-term French residency visa. This type of visa programme is complex and not as straightforward as some of Europe’s more passive investment visa options. If France is where you wish to settle and reside full-time, then there are some interesting avenues in this category to consider. One of the popular methods of obtaining a French ”Talent Passport” Visa is through Start-up and Business creation. Applicants are required to invest a minimum of €30,000 into the creation of a real and serious business in France. The company can be commercial, artisanal or industrial. The investor must also be educated to a master’s degree level at minimum. If applicants are successful in creating a qualifying business, they will be granted a four-year French residency visa.

Business Investment Programme

The French Talent Passport Visa through business Investment is an exceptional opportunity for high-net-worth individuals seeking to make a meaningful economic contribution to France while securing a pathway to residency. To qualify for this visa, applicants are required to make an immediate investment of at least EUR 50,000 in their intended project. Additionally, a commitment to invest a total of EUR 300,000 over the span of four years is necessary. This investment not only fosters business growth but also emphasizes job creation as a core requirement. Applicants are expected to create and maintain permanent full-time jobs for French workers, thereby promoting economic development and offering a win-win scenario for both the investor and the French workforce. This visa offers a unique chance to actively participate in the French business landscape and contribute to the nation’s prosperity.

France Financially Independent Person VisA

France grants renewable residence visas, initially valid for one year, to applicants earning a minimum annual income of EUR 16,000 or more, from outside of France. Applicants must be able to comfortably support themselves, have their own health insurance and savings and agree not to work in France. These permits can be renewed every year indefinitely.

French Citizenship by Investment

France does not offer a direct citizenship by investment programme, however, it is possible to apply for French naturalisation, i.e. French citizenship and a French passport, once you have resided in the country full-time for a minimum of five years. Whilst France’s ‘’Talent Passport’’ Visa includes the term ‘’passport’’ in the title, it is important to note that this is not a direct passport programme. However, France’s Talent Passport Visas programme does offer a pathway to French citizenship, providing the minimum stay requirements are met. When applying for citizenship in France, applicants must also pass a French language test.

Unlike some other European countries, France does not offer a golden visa for passive investment in real estate or government bonds. The talent passport visa offered by France (and similar visas by the likes of Germany, UK and Belgium) are quite distinct from the real estate investment visas offered by the likes of Greece and Spain that require minimum connection and involvement with the country but can ultimately lead to permanent residency and citizenship.

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