Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment programme is currently proving to be one of the fastest and simplest second passport options available. On average, processing times are between two-three months, however, we have had several files approved in less than 40 days from the date the file was submitted. Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Unit is certainly one of the most efficient we have worked with. Of course, the speed in which a file is approved is also partially down to how quickly applicants can gather their documentation and arrange the transfer of funds.

Following submission of the file, Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Unit will undertake thorough due diligence on all applicants before approving the case. La Vida’s in-house processing team will also conduct an initial pre-application background check on applicants prior to submission, to evaluate their eligibility for the programme. Since the pandemic began, provisional digital documents are now being accepted to avoid contamination, which has also helped ease processing timeframes.

The Development Support Fund (VDSP) programme has gone from strength to strength since its inception in 2017, with more than 2,400 main applicants approved, generating the island more than $350 million in revenue to date.

Vanuatu Citizenship enables one to gain visa-free access to 148 countries and territories worldwide. Investment starts from $130,000 + fees for a single applicant and from $180,000 for families of four. To find out more about the programme please contact our advisors.

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