For the first time in 20 years, the Euro has fallen equal to the strength of the US Dollar. Whilst this is not great news for those in Europe right now, for US investors the weakened euro provides a great opportunity to invest in Europe and get more for your dollar. At the time of writing, the Euro Dollar exchange rate stands at €1.00 : $1.009

Last year the exchange rate was sitting at approximately €1.00 : $1.20, meaning a European real estate investment of €280,000 was working out at around $336,000, plus fees. Currently, this same investment will cost close to $280,000, approximately $56,000 less. Of course, this is just if you are investing the minimal amount. If you are considering a higher priced property or programme, then there are even bigger savings to be had.

La Vida has witnessed a surge in American interest in recent years across many programmes and in particular with demand for the golden visa in Portugal.

The Euro is shared by 19 different countries in Europe, and several of these countries offer residency by investment programmes. Whether you are considering investing in Portugal, Greece, Spain or Malta, you will currently get great value for your dollar.

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