For those in search of a globally enriching experience encompassing lifestyle, culture, and opportunities, Greece offers a harmonious blend of history, beauty, and unparalleled living. Greece, with its rich history and cultural legacy, stands as the birthplace of philosophy, democracy, and Western civilization. Nestled at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe, Greece holds a unique geographical advantage, providing unfettered access to diverse continents and a gateway to the meeting of civilizations. The allure of Greece extends beyond its historical significance; it beckons expats from around the world, drawn by the Mediterranean charm, sun-kissed weather, and the allure of pristine beaches. Many have chosen to make Greece their home, captivated not just by its ancient wonders but also by the modern-day splendours that the country generously offers.  Whether you’re from Brazil, Japan, Europe, or the United States, Greece is not just a destination; it’s an invitation to a Mediterranean life steeped in both tradition and modernity.


Understanding the Greek Residency by Investment Programme

Greece’s Golden Visa programme is a popular choice for international investors looking for a second residency.  Not only is the programme a great choice for those looking to improve their access within the EU, the programme also allows you and your family to call Greece home, should you decide to relocate there, opening the door to a world of opportunities. The programme requires investors to make a minimum real estate investment of €250,000, plus fees, in return for a permanent residency permit.

Benefits of the Programme:

Visa-Free Travel: Enjoy the freedom to explore Europe and beyond with visa-free travel privileges. A Greek residency visa effectively works like a Schengen visa, allowing the holder to travel freely between the other EU Schengen countries in the region, albeit within the 90 days / 180 days time limit.

Permanent Residency: Greece’s golden visa is not just a temporary residency visa, you are issued permanent residency from the offset, with a validity period of five years. The PR can be renewed every five years providing you maintain your property investment.

Stay Requirements: There are no minimum stay requirements for the programme, however Golden Visa holders are permitted to live in Greece either part-time or full-time, should they choose to. Whichever you choose, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits mentioned in this guide.

Investing in Greece secures a legacy for future generations. With a stable political environment and a thriving economy, your investment today becomes an enduring asset for your family.


Luxurious Real Estate

Greece boasts a diverse real estate market, offering historical villas, modern apartments, and seaside retreats. Whether you seek a summer escape or a permanent residence, the Greek property market caters to the connoisseur’s taste. La Vida offers a wide range of real estate opportunities across the country, contact our advisors for the latest options.

Exquisite Experiences

Indulge in the finer things life has to offer, from Michelin-starred restaurants to private yacht charters. Greece’s exclusive amenities ensure that every moment is a celebration of life, making it a particularly popular destination for high-net-worth individuals seeking the epitome of luxury. Islands like Mykonos and Santorini, renowned for their breath-taking landscapes and high-end offerings, exemplify the allure of a lavish lifestyle. Whether savouring world-class cuisine against the backdrop of a sunset over the Aegean Sea or exploring the pristine beaches via private yacht, Greece caters to the discerning tastes of those in pursuit of the finest experiences life has to offer.

Culinary Delights

Savour the tastes of Greece, from traditional Mediterranean dishes to international gastronomic delights. Whether you’re hosting a soirée or enjoying a family meal, Greece’s culinary scene is a journey of flavours

Cultural Richness

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Greek culture, from ancient ruins to vibrant festivals. Experience the warmth of the Mediterranean lifestyle and the spirit of hospitality.

Wellbeing and Lifestyle

Embracing a Mediterranean lifestyle offers profound benefits for health and wellness. The region’s renowned diet, rich in olive oil, fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, has been associated with numerous health advantages. The Mediterranean diet is not just a culinary choice; it’s a way of life that has been linked to lower rates of heart disease, improved cognitive function, and overall longevity. The temperate climate encourages an outdoor-oriented lifestyle, providing ample opportunities for activities like strolls along scenic coastlines, invigorating hikes through picturesque landscapes, and tranquil moments of relaxation under the Mediterranean sun. This holistic approach to well-being, combining wholesome nutrition with an active and sun-kissed environment, positions Greece as an ideal destination for those seeking not just financial prosperity but a harmonious and healthful way of life.


Greece ensures a family-centric lifestyle. The diverse landscape, ranging from historic sites to pristine beaches, provides a natural playground for exploration and bonding. Additionally, the vibrant local communities and expatriate networks foster a sense of belonging, making Greece an ideal destination for those looking to create lasting memories and a sense of home in a family-friendly setting.

Top-Tier Education

For families, Greece provides access to world-class educational institutions. While public schools in Greece provide tuition-free education, they exclusively instruct in the Greek language, making them suitable for locals or those seeking immersion in the Greek culture. On the contrary, private institutions, offering education in languages such as English, prove to be a more fitting option for international students. The most sought-after international schools in Greece typically follow British, French or American curricula, providing a familiar educational environment for expatriates. However, it’s essential to note that private education comes at a cost, with fees varying significantly. Tuition fees for these international schools typically range from €5,000 to €14,000 per school year, reflecting the diverse options available and allowing families to choose an educational path that aligns with their preferences and budget.


Establishing roots in Greece is not just about the present; it’s about building a future. It’s about creating a home in a community known for its warmth, history, and inclusivity.

Opportunities and Financial Services

Greece presents diverse business opportunities, particularly in sectors like tourism, real estate, and hospitality. The government’s commitment to attracting investors ensures a supportive environment for business development. Whilst a Golden Visa in Greece does not permit the holder to become an employee in Greece, is does allow for business creation, investment, or self-employment. If you are a digital nomad and your work allows you to work from any location in the world, then Greece could be your ideal base.

Global Connectivity

For the international businessperson, Greece’s strategic location offers a favourable time zone and cutting-edge telecommunications infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity with the rest of the world. Another reason why Greece is a popular destination amongst digital nomads.


In Greece, the taxation system is structured with progressive rates based on income levels, aiming to ensure a fair distribution of tax burdens. Individuals with an annual taxable income up to €10,000 are subject to a modest 9% tax rate. As income levels rise, the rates progressively increase. Those earning between €10,000 and €20,000 face a 22% tax rate applied to the income exceeding €10,000. The tax rates further escalate for individuals with income in the ranges of €20,000 to €30,000 and €30,000 to €40,000, with rates of 28% and 36%, respectively, applied to the income exceeding the previous band’s upper limit. For those earning over €40,000, a 44% tax rate is applied to the entire income surpassing the €40,000 threshold. This progressive tax structure reflects Greece’s commitment to a nuanced approach to taxation, where higher-income individuals contribute proportionately more to the national revenue.

Environmental Stewardship

For environmental enthusiasts, Greece is a paradise. The government prioritizes sustainability, focusing on measures to reduce carbon emissions, enhance energy efficiency, and promote renewable energy sources. Conservation efforts extend to protecting pristine beaches, coral reefs, and diverse ecosystems. Greece’s commitment to responsible tourism practices further underlines its dedication to a greener future, ensuring the harmonious coexistence of nature and modern life.

Community and Belonging

Becoming a resident of Greece means becoming part of a diverse community. The welcoming nature of the locals and a global expatriate community foster a sense of belonging through community events, international schools, and social clubs. In Greece, international residents discover more than a destination; they find a home. With its myriad opportunities, supportive atmosphere, and timeless beauty, it’s no wonder that Greece stands as a beacon for those seeking a life of significance.

Cost of Living

Overall, the cost of living in Greece is significantly lower than other European Union countries. The average expenses, such as groceries and rent are remarkably economical, providing substantial financial flexibility. Costs can be higher on some of the more alluring islands, renowned for their luxury, however the cost of living remains favourable compared to other European destinations. This financial advantage allows investors to allocate funds towards indulging in the finer aspects of life, making Greece an enticing destination for those seeking both financial prosperity and a luxurious lifestyle.


In the spectrum of investor visa opportunities, Greece shines as a top-tier choice. Its blend of cultural richness, financial advantages, and provisions for future generations make it the destination of choice for individuals seeking a life of substance. Embrace Greece’s timeless allure and sculpt a future as enduring as its ancient wonders. For more details on how the Greek Golden Visa programme could benefit you, please contact our expert advisors.

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