Citizenship by Investment

In 2020, a new law was published in Egypt launching a Citizenship by Investment programme. It is now possible for investors to gain Egyptian Citizenship and a passport via any of the following investment routes: 

  1. A $250,000 non-refundable government contribution to the citizenship by investment unit;
  2. Purchase a government-approved real estate project from $500,000;
  3. Establish a new company or invest in a previously established company in Egypt, with a minimum of $400,000. The investors must own at least a 40% share in the company;
  4. Make a minimum bank deposit of $750,000, which is refundable after 5 years in Egyptian currency without interest; or deposit $1 million with a return after 3 years in local Egyptian currency without interest.

Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment programme may be attractive to those wishing to reside in Egypt, however, there are more beneficial programmes to consider if you are looking to expand your visa-free access globally; such as Portugal’s Golden Visa programme or one of the Citizenship by Investment programmes offered by various Caribbean countries.

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A selection of alternative residency and citizenship investment programmes to consider.