Would you like to become a Citizen of a Commonwealth country?

The Commonwealth consists of 54 independent countries and is one of the world’s oldest political associations of states. A Commonwealth citizen is defined as a national or citizen of any of those 54 member states. As it stands there are currently six Commonwealth nations that offer an affordable citizenship by investment programme that does not require residency of the applicant. One can acquire citizenship of the Commonwealth, with all its benefits, without having to uproot and leave home.

Established in 1926, the modern Commonwealth was formerly known as the British Commonwealth of Nations, originally consisting of countries ruled by the British Empire. Today’s Commonwealth is based on voluntary and equal co-operation with the head of the Commonwealth elected by the member countries. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is currently the head of the Commonwealth and the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is the current Commonwealth Chair-in-Office.

The Commonwealth’s official website states that the purpose of the Commonwealth is to strengthen governance, build inclusive institutions and promote justice and human rights. They support members to achieve development, democracy and peace, grow economies and boost trade, empower young people, and address threats such as climate change, debt and inequality. Member countries benefit from being part of a mutually supportive community of independent and sovereign states, aided by more than 80 Commonwealth organisations.

Benefits of Commonwealth Citizenship

There are many benefits of holding a second citizenship and related passport which include visa-free travel, education and business opportunities and ”Plan B” security. Citizenship in a Commonwealth country comes with some added advantages. Because of the connection with the UK, Commonwealth citizens do not require visas to enter the United Kingdom and can spend up to 6 months a year there. Commonwealth citizens are also entitled to extra assistance from British Embassies if they were to face difficulty in a non-Commonwealth country whilst travelling. The UK Government’s website states: ”We may also help Commonwealth nationals in non-Commonwealth countries where they do not have any diplomatic or consular representation, but will normally ask their nearest embassy to provide any ongoing assistance required”. In certain circumstances, such as a lost or stolen travel document, a UK emergency passport can also be issued to unrepresented Commonwealth citizens with the permission of their national governments.

Commonwealth Members Offering Citizenship by Investment programmes

Several Commonwealth countries offer Citizenship by Investment programmes, these include Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, St Lucia and Vanuatu. Single applicants can make an investment from $100,000 + costs and families can expect to invest from $125,000 + costs. All the programmes can be applied for remotely and have prompt processing times of between 3-6 months. Once the document-driven process is complete, applicants will receive citizenship and a passport. Citizens of the mentioned countries will all be eligible to the Commonwealth benefits listed above.

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