Cambodia Residency by Investment

In July 2022, Cambodia launched a Residency by Investment programme, known as My Second Home (CM2H). Investors must invest a minimum of $100,000 into real estate for a renewable visa with a ten-year validity period. After five years of residency, it is possible to apply for a Cambodian passport. There is no minimum stay requirement to maintain the visa. This programme is similar to some of the options offered by its South-East Asian neighbours, such as the Thai Elite Visa and the Malaysia Second Home Programme.

Cambodia Citizenship by Investment

Cambodia also offers a direct Citizenship by Investment programme which requires investors to make a Government Donation of $245,000, plus fees, or invest a minimum of $305,000 into a Government approved project. Processing time takes between 3-4 months following submission.

For more details on Cambodia’s Investor Visa options, please contact one of our expert consultants.

Residency and citizenship Programmes

A selection of alternative residency and citizenship investment programmes to consider.