For an international high net worth investor contemplating a second passport or citizenship, Burkina Faso does not offer a compelling perspective. The landlocked nation struggles with a range of issues such as socio-economic and political instability, terrorism, crime and limited financial opportunities.

Burkina Faso Citizenship Investment

Currently, Burkina Faso does not offer any citizenship by investment or golden visa programmes for real estate investment, unlike certain European countries such as Spain and Greece, which provide access to the EU Schengen Zone. These programmes play a vital role in boosting the economies of participating nations by attracting investments from individuals seeking citizenship or residency rights. Through substantial investments, often in real estate or government funds, individuals can attain residency and potentially acquire citizenship in the host country.

Burkina Faso Residency Investment 

Burkina Faso also does not currently offer a residency by investment programme.

Burkina Faso Passport Strength and Ranking

If Burkina Faso were to introduce a citizenship by investment programme, it would only give access to 68 countries, representing a mere 5.9% of global wealth (measured by GDP) and 11.2% of world travel. Burkina Faso’s passport is poorly ranked at position 165th on La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking, which is significantly lower than most countries offering established and widely recognised golden visa programmes.

If you are a Burkina Faso citizen and are looking to increase your global mobility, then we would suggest considering one of the Caribbean Investor Visa programmes such as Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme.


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