Bosnia and Herzegovina offers a compelling perspective for foreign business investors seeking a second residence. The country’s strategic location in Southeast Europe, coupled with emerging investment opportunities in sectors like real estate, manufacturing, and infrastructure, presents a promising environment for wealth growth. The diverse culture and rich heritage add a unique lifestyle appeal. While there isn’t a formal residency by investment program, navigating the legal and bureaucratic landscape is manageable. However, investors must consider regional political complexities and varying regulations within the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska. Local knowledge and partnership with reliable professionals are crucial for a successful venture.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Golden Visa

At present, Bosnia & Herzegovina offers no such citizenship by investment or golden visa programme for real estate investment similar to those offered by other countries in Europe such as Spain and Greece. The golden visa programmes stimulate the economies of their respective countries by encouraging investment from those who wish to obtain citizenship or residency rights. Through significant investment, most often in real estate or government funds, individuals can become a resident and potentially future citizen of that country.

Bosnia Residency and Citizenship

Individuals who own property in Bosnia & Herzegovina can obtain a residence permit, regardless of the property value. You will typically need to submit an application for a temporary residence permit to the relevant government authority in the entity where your property is located. Although beneficial this would not be considered a typical residency by investment programme as found in some other European countries.

Bosnia Passport Strength and Ranking

At rank 78 on La Vida’s comprehensive Global Passport Ranking, Bosnia could be an attractive option for investors were it to ever adopt a golden visa or citizenship by investment scheme. The Bosnian passport offers visa-free access to 135 countries, accounting for 68.2% of worldwide travel and 52.7% of world wealth (measured in GDP).


Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programmes

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