Bermuda Economic Investment Certificate & the Residential Certificate Program

On 1st March 2021, Bermuda is launching a new investor visa programme known as the Economic Investment Certificate (“EIC”), allowing applicants, their spouse and any dependent children the right to reside in Bermuda for five years. To qualify for an Economic Investment Certificate, a minimum investment of $2.5 million must be made in one of the following areas.

  • Residential or commercial real estate in Bermuda;
  • An existing Bermuda-based business;
  • The development and launch of a new Bermuda-based business;
  • Bermuda Government bonds;
  • Bermuda Registered charity in the areas of sports development, youth, seniors and health;
  • The Bermuda Trust Fund or Sinking Fund; or
  • Other social or useful venture that benefits Bermuda, Bermudians and things Bermudian as may be determined by the Minister responsible for Immigration.

After five years, the EIC holder will be eligible to apply for a Residential Certificate, enabling them and their family to reside in Bermuda indefinitely.

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory that operates under UK Common Law. It is a safe and secure country with excellent global connections all over the world. The island is ideally positioned in the Caribbean and can be reached in under two-hours by a flight from New York. The country benefits from a favourable tax regime attracting numerous High Net Worth individuals to the Island, including more than 8,000 US ex-pats who are currently residing in Bermuda. Individuals in Bermuda do not pay personal income tax. Instead, the Government of Bermuda levies a Payroll Tax.

Bermuda Citizenship

There is no Bermuda Citizenship by Investment programme. However once applicants have held residency in Bermuda for ten years they may be eligible to apply for Bermuda Citizenship and therefore become a British Overseas Territories Citizen. Citizenship rules vary depending on the individuals circumstances and connections with the country.

Please contact us to be informed when further details become available.


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