Citizenship by Investment Bahamas

At this point in time the Bahamas does not have a citizenship by investment programme leading to a second passport, either through investors purchasing real estate or through government contribution.

If such programme is introduced by the Bahamas we will be sure to bring it to the attention of our clients.

Currently citizenship investment and second passport programmes in the Caribbean are offered by St. Kitts, Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda and Grenada. For details on golden visa programmes currently available in Europe please visit our European summary page.

The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) program

In 2020, the Bahamas introduced a short-term residency visa aimed at remote workers, known as The Bahamas Extended Access Travel Stay (BEATS) programme. The visa allows participants an annual residence permit to work or study remotely across any of its 16 major islands, for 12 months only. Applicants will need to provide evidence of their self-employment or submit a letter from their employer or accredited university, as well as provide proof that they will be able to financially support themselves whilst residing in the Bahamas.

Please ensure you are registered for our monthly bulletin and future updates on golden visa programmes.


A selection of alternative residency and citizenship investment programmes to consider.