Citizenship by Investment in Austria

Unlike certain other European countries Austria does not offer a golden visa for passive investment. Other European countries such as Malta, Portugal and Spain offer residency through investment in government bonds or real estate. Such investments require minimum connection with the country but allow for freedom of travel within the European Schengen zone and ultimately can lead to Permanent Residency (PR) and citizenship.

Austria has no such passive investor visa programme but does offer a citizenship by investment option whereby foreign applicants invest actively in the Austrian economy. Such an investment must be significant, contribute to the economy and create jobs. The investment is typically a minimum of €10 million if injected directly into a business or €3 million as a contribution to the government development fund.

Please note however that there is no clearly defined and predictable path to citizenship through the Austrian “programme”. Potential applicants are advised to contact us for individual advice if they are considering this option in Europe. There are more clearly defined programmes available that grant European citizenship.


A selection of residency and citizenship investment programmes.