Austria Golden Visa

The Austria Citizenship by Investment or Golden Visa program allows foreign applicants to actively invest in the economy to gain Austrian residency and citizenship. While the programme offers significant benefits in the form of one of the most sought-after citizenships worldwide the investment, commitment and timeframe is far in excess of other programmes without any guarantee of success.

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€10 million investment

Active business investment

European Residency & Citizenship

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Full family residency

What is Required for Austrian Citizenship by Investment

Applicants are required to invest in the Austrian economy. This must usually be in the form of a significant business investment. A complete and clean personal record is required alongside strong business background information. All applicants must provide outstanding references and most applicants will be required to abandon their current citizenship. Some applicants may be able to keep their current citizenship under certain circumstances.

Investment Cost for Austria Golden Visa

The minimum investment for citizenship by investment in Austria is typically €10 million if made directly into a business, or €3 million as a contribution to the government development fund. Whilst you will have to make a significant contribution to the economy, other fees such as administrative fees and consultation costs should also be considered.

Process to obtain Austria Citizenship by Investment

Obtaining Austrian citizenship through investment is a lengthy and demanding process. The processing time usually takes around 2-3 years, and the approval must be authorised by officials at multiple levels.

Austrian Passport and Visa Free Travel

The Austrian passport will provide you with visa free travel access to an impressive 199 destinations worldwide, including visa free access to the United States and United Kingdom. The Austrian citizenship by investment program will enable you to live, work, travel and study anywhere within the European Schengen zone.

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What are the benefits of the Austria Golden Visa Program?

Alternative Programs

The Austrian programme is beyond the reach of many applicants and offers little clarity in terms of investment, timescale, and approval. In most cases applicants are advised to consider other programmes with clearly defined criteria and prediction of success. La Vida also offers several other European Golden Visa programmes including those providing residency through investment in real estate or government bonds. Such investments require minimum connection with the country and allow for freedom of travel within the European Schengen zone. These programmes can ultimately lead to Permanent Residency (PR) and Citizenship.


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