Earlier this week in Davos, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Gaston Browne, discussed how their Citizenship by Investment programme is now accepting a number of different currencies. Following last summer’s successful development to accept payments through Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Euros,  it was announced that Antigua will soon be accepting payments through Chinese currency, Yuan Renminbi. This addition is expected to commence within the next 30 days, making the programme even more attractive to Chinese applicants, whom already equate for 60% of the programme’s participants.

Whilst the demand to pay with these currencies has so far been minimal, the Prime Minister stated  ”We continue to find ways and means to make our program more attractive and to provide investors with payment mechanisms that are easy”. Antigua and Barbuda is the only Citizenship by Investment programme in the Caribbean currently accepting such alternative payment methods and are expanding their market by doing so. The PM stated last year that ”not allowing these alternative payment routes could exclude people from the programme who want to pay using these methods”.

The other Caribbean nations offering CBI programmes often tend to follow similar patterns, so perhaps we could see these currencies eventually being accepted across similar visa programmes over time. Here at La Vida we recognise the importance of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in today’s economy and have been able to accept payments for our fees since 2017. We will continue to offer this service to our clients as well as being able to accept certain payments in US dollars, Euros and UK Sterling.


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