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Tier 1 UK Investor Visa

Investors seeking a residency visa for the UK can consider the Tier 1 investment visa. This requires an investment of £2 million and allows temporary residency in the UK for the investor and their immediate family. After 2 years applicants can invest £10 million in order to settle permanently (or £5 million after 3 years). Applicants can apply for British citizenship after either 5 or 6 years of residency.

However gaining citizenship in the UK is far from guaranteed and often a frustrating process despite the necessary wealth of applicants. For High Net Worth applicants that wish to avoid mass over-subscription  and delays the most assured route to citizenship and permanent residency in the UK is through another EU country.

We recommend Cyprus to gain a passport and European citizenship within 6 months and the ability as an EU citizen to live anywhere in the EU. Or Portugal at a lower investment limit with the potential for an EU passport in six years.

Key Facts

    • Investment of €2 million (from 6 November 2014)
    • Investment not allowed in real estate
    • Full family: Spouse and children under 18
    • Temporary residency for 3 years 4 months
    • Can be extended a further 2 years.
    • Permanent residency £10 million 2 years, £5 million 3 years
    • Strict investment rules

Acquiring citizenship in the UK through investment in Tier 1 is one of the most attractive investment visa programmes. Investments are restricted to UK government bonds and share or loan capital in actively trading UK companies. Such investments can carry either a guaranteed but low rate of return or a degree of elevated risk for higher return.

Historically, the vast majority of Tier 1 Investor Visa applicants invest in UK Gilts. This asset class, perhaps the single most secure in the world, gives returns that after management fees rarely achieve 0.5% per year. While such an approach is ultra secure it is not a great investment return. Our fully compliant, capital guaranteed, solution provides 6% per annum returns. We feel this is one of the most attractive investment solutions available for Tier 1 investors and their families. Contact us for more information on our UK Tier 1 investment solution.

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