Coming to You Soon

August 10th, 2016  

Our schedule for country visits this Autumn is now released. If you would like to meet with one of our consultants locally it is important to book ahead. All our visits are usually booked out back to back with meetings several months ahead.

Please complete your details here and mention on the form that you wish to arrange a face to face meeting. One of our consultants will contact you to discuss by phone and by email initially as we wish to ensure any meeting is effective use of the time that we have available.

Autumn Visit Schedule

UAE : 6th – 8th September

South Africa : 16th – 23rd September

India : 19th – 24th September

Turkey : 13th – 14th October

Lebanon : 17th – 18th October

Jordan : 19th October

Egypt : 20th – 21st October

China : 26th October – 4th November

Kenya : 7th – 8th November

Mauritius : 10th – 11th November

Russia: TBA November

Saudi Arabia: TBA November

Pakistan : TBA December

Qatar : TBA December

Oman : TBA December

If your country is not listed above please do contact us as our consultants travel frequently. We have other interim visits from time to time and can often schedule visits to meet needs.

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