Hungary Permanent Residency Programme Changes

August 22nd, 2016   •   Comments Off on Hungary Permanent Residency Programme Changes   

Hungary Residency Bond The Hungarian residency by investment programme has been in operation since 2012 and since its inception has attracted over 3,400 applicants. Applicants investing €300,000 into special Hungarian Residency Bonds with zero coupon were entitled to residency in Hungary.

Changes introduced by the Hungarian government in 2016 have made the programme even more attractive to applicants as European governments enhance their residency schemes in competition to attract more investment into their economies.

Straight to Permanent Residency

Following rule changes on 1 July 2016 applicants can now apply for Hungarian Permanent Residency in one step. The previous requirement was two stage, granting temporary residency initially and the right to apply for permanent residency in six months. The new rules eliminate this first step allowing applicants to gain PR in just four weeks.

Extended Family

In addition to spouse and minor children, investors may now include their parents and children over 18 in the application. All family members enjoy visa free access to travel throughout the Schengen zone.

Residential address no longer required

A previous requirement for a residential address in Hungary has been dropped from 1st July 2016.


After seven years of residency applicants and their families can apply for citizenship in Hungary.

Please contact us for further details and fees related to the programe or follow this link for more on the Hungary residency programme.