Entrepreneur Visas Europe

July 13th, 2016   •   Entrepreneur   •   Comments Off on Entrepreneur Visas Europe   

entrepreneur-visaMany countries in Europe offer “Entrepreneur Visas” for immigrants looking to invest in new business. Essentially the aim is to create wealth and jobs. But the process is very different to that of a golden visa and the chances of success depend very much on the quality of the applicant and their business proposal.

Business Plan, Investment, Jobs

In general to be successful at gaining an entrepreneur visa in Europe the applicant will be required to submit a business plan. They will need capital to invest in the business and usually the rules of that country will require the creation of new jobs. The process is often lengthy and it will involve a subjective decision from a government official as to whether the applicant qualifies or not.

The UK Tier 1 visa is a good point in mind. Gaining an entrepreneur visa in the UK has become incredibly difficult. It was once possible to gain entry to the UK through creating businesses such as shops or restaurants. Today the process is far more difficult. The British government is looking for genuine innovative investment creating wealth and jobs. Hence the introduction of the “Genuine Entrepreneur Test” to assess applications for their contribution to the economy. The failure rate for applications in the UK is now 70% and a lot of applicants are spending over £15,000 with lawyers on non-refundable fees to attempt this process.

Real Estate Investment Alternative

The new golden visas introduced by several countries in Europe are a far easier route to gaining a residency visa. They are only available from certain countries such as Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. However the rules are quite clear. Invest, for example €500,000 in real estate, meet certain requirements such as a clear criminal record, health insurance and the residency visa is guaranteed. There is no subjective assessment by a government official and residency can lead to European citizenship in the case of Cyprus, immediately or through Portugal after a period of residency.

Unfortunately La Vida cannot help with entrepreneur visas but we can help with golden visas and citizenship by investment. Please contact us here or call our UK office on +44 207 060 1475 to speak to an expert.