Mauritius to launch Citizenship Programme

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Mauritius Investor Visa

The island of Mauritius has announced its intention to launch a citizenship by investment programme later this year.

Plans were revealed in the Prime Minister’s 2018/2019 budget speech which is a little short on detail. In summary there will be two programmes, one for the issuance of a passport, requiring a $500,000 investment and another granting citizenship for an investment of $1,000,000. Further fees apply to a spouse and other dependents.

Mauritius is

one of only two African countries that offers visa free travel on its passport to the EU Schengen zone. The other being Seychelles.

Follow this link for further details on the Mauritius Citizenship by Investment programme as they are released.

Caribbean CBI Summit

June 5th, 2018   •   Citizenship, Investment, Investor Visa, Real Estate   •   Comments Off on Caribbean CBI Summit   

La Vida CEO Paul Williams with Leslie Anne Brissett and Antigua Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Representatives from La Vida attended the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment summit held last week on the island of St. Kitts. The summit, held at the Marriott Hotel, featured the five Caribbean countries offering Citizenship by Investment programmes. The theme of this year’s conference was “Transparency and Sustainability: CIPs in the New World.” The conference was attended by the heads of the Citizenship Investment Units from each of the countries and other key players from within the industry. Topics covered during the conference included Due Diligence and Sustainable Investment along with other relevant issues affecting the industry. It was supported by the Prime Ministers of Antigua & Barbuda and St. Kitts who were both in attendance.

The conference was an ideal opportunity for La Vida to meet with its many partners in the Caribbean and to further undertake a five island tour of St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada. In part to meet with the Citizenship Investment Units, our processing partner lawyers and in particular to visit the select number of real estate developments that La Vida chooses to promote to our clients. This tour was essential in ensuring that such developers are delivering on their promises not only for the real estate projects we decide to work with but also to see in some cases, lack of progress on those we choose to decline.

It is fair to say that the majority of international agencies promoting investment in the Caribbean will never visit the projects they promote. Any prospective investor considering the Caribbean would be wise to do their due diligence on any company they choose to work with and ask the question of whether they have actually visited and verified the projects they are promoting. There are over 20 such projects to choose from on St. Kitts alone. La Vida chooses to work with the select few we consider have sufficient funding, branding and prestige to underpin future returns of both income and capital. And critically those that have demonstrated either tangible results in terms of construction and progress or are already built and operating. Some projects which prospective investors may see promoted elsewhere, failed to meet our specification. La Vida visited over 20 projects during the course of our two week inspection of the islands narrowing this down to a select few on each island that we will continue to promote, including some new exciting additions to our offering.

Our professional advisors are fully briefed on the merits and details of the programmes we choose to promote. For details on those real estate projects that meet our requirements for citizenship investment please contact our advisors in the UK on +44 207 060 1475.

Vanuatu Citizenship Investment Reduced to $210,000

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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment The Vanuatu government has reduced the price of its Citizenship Investment Programme (CIP). The single applicant donation has dropped to USD$210,000 while the family donation previously $280,000 has been reduced to $240,000.

Vanuatu has also successfully processed several applications through bitcoin in 2018. Demand is expected to increase further throughout this year and into 2019. The investor pays in Bitcoin without ever having to convert the amount to Fiat currency. Once the price is given in Bitcoin in close correspondence with the client they then have two hours to complete the transfer. At La Vida we have been successfully processing fee payments in Bitcoin but Vanuatu is the first programme we can now offer where the full investment can be made in crypto currency.

There are also plans in place to have a Citizenship by Investment option through real estate investment in Vanuatu. The investment will be limited to a single development planned for one of the islands which will be managed by an international hospitality brand. The units will range from 160m2 to 450m2 and prices will start from USD$900,000. It is planned to offer citizenship via co-ownership with four investors pooling one property, hence reducing the minimum investment to USD$225,000. Once there is full government approval La Vida will of course bring details to our clients. Register here for details on release.

Cyprus Citizenship Programme raises €6 billion

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The number of passports issued to foreign investors in the last 10 years has passed the 3,000 mark according to the Cyprus News Agency. The figures were submitted in official data released to the Cypriot parliament. It means total investment into the economy through real estate is in excess of €6bn since the start of the programme.

The Cypriot Citizenship by Investment programme has gone through several iterations during this time reducing last year to a €2 million investment in real estate to qualify for citizenship for the investor and his/her family.

The Cypriot Parliament recently voted (by 33 to 4 votes) against a proposal to release names of investors who had obtained citizenship through investment in Cyprus.  The programme continues to enjoy strong support from the government and opposition parties because of its importance to the economy. The names of prospective Cypriots are published in local newspapers ahead of approval in order that anyone raising objections can do so in a written report to the ministry ahead of granting citizenship. The Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, Irini LoizidouIt stated there was no legal basis to publish such names after approval.



Dominica Largest Caribbean Citizenship Investment Programme

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Dominica Dominica has undoubtedly now established itself as the largest Citizenship Investment Programme in the Caribbean, at least in the last year or so.

Figures disclosed by the head of the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit, Emmanuel Nanthan, revealed between 1,500 and 2,000 applications in 2017. A staggering amount compared to other similar programmes in the region.

Speaking at the Investment Immigration Summit in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Nanthan revealed that most applicants took the donation option rather than real estate. Our own figures at La Vida suggest that Dominica has become the most popular programme among single applicants with a contribution amount of just $100,000 required. St Lucia offers a similar investment level for single applicants but is suffering delays with approvals. Antigua has the same limit but additional government charges mean an overall higher outlay.

La Vida is encouraged to see competition in the sector between competing countries. Such competition for investors ensures choice, helps keep costs down and ultimately ensures a better service from the processing CIU units. However recent talk has been around consolidation in the Caribbean programmes in order to maintaining due diligence across the programmes as a whole.

St Kitts Approved International Agent

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Approved Agents While there are many websites advertising the St Kitts Citizenship by Investment programme it is important for potential applicants to know that only certain entities are authorised by the St. Kitts government to promote the program.Such agents are “trusted global entities authorized to market and distribute promotional information about the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program” and must renew their licence annually. La Vida is an authorised International Marketing Agent for the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship program and we will be pleased to offer a copy of our certificate to any potential applicants who wish to deal through our company.

St Kitts Citizenship Costs Reduced

February 18th, 2018   •   Citizenship, Investment, Passport, Real Estate   •   Comments Off on St Kitts Citizenship Costs Reduced   

Real Estate Hotel Investment in St. Kitts

Early this week we received confirmation from the St Kitts Citizenship by Investment unit that the fees for the real estate option have been reduced. Whilst the minimum real estate investment remains the same ($400,000) the additional government fees will be around $50,00 lower per family application.

Previously the additional government fees were $50,000 for the main applicant, $25,000 for a spouse and $25,000 per additional dependent’s. These have now been changed to:

  • $35,000 Main applicant
  • $20,000 Spouse
  • $10,000 Dependent children, regardless of age

The due diligence fees and passport fees remain the same, as does La Vida’s professional fee to process the application. To receive a full quotation, please contact our expert advisors.

In line with the fee reduction, we also received the news that one of our best selling real estate projects in St Kitts has been named as the ‘’No.1 Best New Hotel in the Caribbean’’ by media giant CNN. This fantastic resort opened it’s doors to the public in November 2017 and by the end of December it achieved an occupancy level of 95%. Managed by a leading 5* hotel operator, the project is by far one of most luxurious on the island. Investors can buy a share of the project for $430,000 which can be sold after 5 years. During this time, rental returns of up to 5.5% can be expected. This is one of few government approved projects currently available which is now complete and successfully operating, making it an excellent choice of investment. Units are now limited, and the project is close to selling out completely. Act now to secure your share and also take advantage of the reduced government fees.

The St. Kitts and Nevis’ CBI programme is the leading option amongst the Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes. The programme has been established since 1984 and the highly ranked passport will enable one to travel visa free to 139 countries worldwide.

Caribbean Countries offering Citizenship by Investment Programs

November 12th, 2017   •   Citizenship, Investor Visa   •   Comments Off on Caribbean Countries offering Citizenship by Investment Programs   

Caribbean this wayThe Caribbean island of St Kitts pioneered the introduction of citizenship by investment when it introduced its immigrant investor programme in 1984. In recent years several Caribbean countries have followed suit. These countries are all members of the Commonwealth. Each has excellent visa free access for its citizens and passport holders to travel to more than 100 countries worldwide. In all cases this includes the UK and EU Schengen countries and in each individual programme visa free access to many more countries such as China, Canada and the USA.

The Dominica Economic Citizenship Program was Established in 1993.  Antigua & Barbuda launched its Citizenship by Investment Program in 2012, followed by the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program in 2013 and the Saint Lucia Citizenship By Investment Program 2015.

Each country offers differing visa free access for its passport holders, has varying degrees of investment and also in some cases restricts access and applications from certain nationals. Please contact our consultants for the most suitable programme for you.

We continue to watch developments carefully but at present the following Caribbean countries do not offer a citizenship by investment programme to the best of our knowledge: Anguilla, Aruba, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Puerto Rico, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Caribbean Citizenship Changes

November 6th, 2017   •   Citizenship, Investor Visa, Passport, Schengen Travel   •   Comments Off on Caribbean Citizenship Changes   

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Changes Over the last few months there has been a number of positive changes to the various Caribbean Citizenship Programs (CIP). With fee reductions and reduced donation options, the Caribbean now offers some of the most affordable and flexible citizenship by investment programmes in the world. It is unclear how long these reductions will last and there is speculation that after a period of time the investment options will increase again. Clients are advised to act quickly to take advantage of the changes.

There are five key programmes within the Caribbean and a second passport from these locations comes with a number of benefits, including visa free travel to the Schengen zone, UK, Hong Kong and Switzerland. St Kitts and Grenada have also just recently confirmed that their passports will enable one to travel freely to Russia. This is another great addition to Grenada’s visa free list of countries which also includes China.

There has been some reports of incorrect information being circulated regarding the recent fee reductions in Dominica. Whilst the investment threshold remains the same, the processing fees were recently amended and Dominica remains one of the cheapest options available. La Vida advises anyone who may have conflicting information to get in touch with one of our experts for clear clarification and advice on the programme.

To recap on some of the key changes which have taken place in 2017,  please see below:


  • Processing fees were reduced by 50% for the those opting for the Real Estate option
  • The age for Dependent children was increased to include those up to 30 years old

Antigua and Barbuda

  • The donation threshold was reduced from $200,000 to $100,000 for a family of four (+fees)
  • The Processing fees were also reduced

St Kitts and Nevis

  • The Hurricane Relief fund was introduced. This requires an investment of $150,000 for a family of four (+fees) compared to the normal SIDF $250,000 donation.
  • A visa free waiver with Russia was agreed


  • A visa free waiver with Russia was agreed
  • The age for Dependent children was increased to include those up to 30 years old

If you are looking to obtain a second citizenship in any of the above countries then please do not hesitate to contact La Vida’s experts for a seamless service and efficient application processing.

Dominica Reduce Citizenship Fees

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Dominica Citizenship by Investment The Government of Caribbean island Dominica, have significantly reduced the application fees for their citizenship by investment programme by 50% for those opting for the real estate option.

A single applicant would previously have paid $50,000 in government fees, but these are now set at just $25,000 for a single applicant or $35,000 for a family of four, making the programme even more cost effective than it previously was.

The Dominica donation option remains the same and starts from just $100,000 for a single applicant + costs. This is one of the lowest priced citizenship by investment programmes in the world and it has been hugely popular because of this.

A second passport in Dominica will grant one visa free travel to over 118 countries worldwide including the EU Schengen zone, UK, Hong Kong and Switzerland. It offers a great solution for those simply looking to broaden their travel opportunities at a low cost.

As well as the reduced fees, Dominica have also increased the age limit for dependent children, which means that the main applicant can include children up to the age of 30 years old.

Despite the recent hurricane which sadly hit Dominica last month, the government’s Citizenship by Investment unit remains open and in full operation, which is a great reflection of this island’s strong resilience and efficiency.

Contact our consultants for your free consultation and a quotation.