Access USA and China via Grenada Citizenship

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A Grenada passport comes with a number of benefits, mainly the visa free travel to over 117 countries worldwide which includes popular destinations such as the EU Schengen zone, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and most uniquely, China. In fact, Grenada is the only Citizenship by Investment scheme currently on the market which offers visa free access to China, making it a very popular option for business people with ties to china.

In addition to visa free travel to China another key advantage with Grenada is the E2 Treaty with the USA. This treaty offers Grenadian citizens and their family the opportunity to reside, work and study in the USA in return for an additional US business investment.

The E2 visa from the USA is not open to every country. For example India and China are two countries that are excluded. However by investing first in Grenada and gaining Grenadan citizenship and a passport, investors can then apply for an E2 visa.

The E2 visa lasts initially for 5 years and can then easily be renewed every subsequent 5 years, providing the visa holder complies with the rules. To obtain an E2 visa, applicant’s must make a “significant investment” into a US business. Significant, meaning at least a 50% interest and the business investment can be a simple $150,000 franchise, for example.

Unlike the EB5 (Green Card) programme, E2 visa holders do not have to reside for long periods of time in the US, so do not automatically become US tax payers, and in certain circumstances do not need to become such.

Both the E2 visa treaty and the visa free access to China really set’s Grenada apart from all other Citizenship programmes, not to mention the stunning white sandy beaches and crystal clear water of the Caribbean itself.

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Business Visa

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Business Visa Real Estate Investment eases Business Visa travel

Businessmen and entrepreneurs who continually find themselves applying for business visas to the Schengen zone, Europe, the UK and other countries may wish to consider investing in real estate to achieve a more stable long term visitor visa.
There are several countries in Europe and the Caribbean that now offer Schengen visas or passports through investment that can solve long term the visa needs for those visiting for business.

Such investment visas will act as a travel or business visa for Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Italy and many other countries within the EU.

Business Visa Problems

We are finding increasing numbers of clients approaching us because they have had Schengen visas refused, often after many previous visits to an EU Schengen country. And now they are looking for a permanent solution to avoid the continual application each time they wish to visit for business.

Unfortunately it is usually too late. Once applicants have been refused a Schengen visa it is almost impossible to apply successfully after that point. Travel visa or business visa applicants from many countries in the Middle East and Africa are now being refused Schengen travel visas. It seems for no other reason other than the country from which they are originating.

We have seen cases where successful businessmen trading with Europe have had travel visas refused and are now unable to travel for the purpose of business. Countries that are having particular problems with business visas currently in our experience include Egypt, Sudan, Pakistan and Libya.

Investor Visa for Business in Europe

An investor visa through a European country such as Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Hungary or Portugal starts from around €300,000 including costs. It provides a Schengen visa to the applicant and their families allowing the freedom to travel on business or for pleasure to any EU Schengen country for the period they retain the investment.

As well as Europe there are several Caribbean countries providing second passports that allow access to the Schengen countries and the UK. Another solution for a business visa could be investment through St. Kitts, Antigua, Dominica or Grenada.

Our Advice to Business Travellers

Our advice to any businessmen considering this route is not to leave it too late. Once a visitor visa is refused there is often no way back and the inability to travel for business can suddenly become very expensive and restrictive.